Coming through loud and clear

Well hello there! I’ve recently got involved with some chaps in a place called Rugby. They’re called Callum and Mikey, and they form the group “Callum and Mikey”. Bet you didn’t see that coming. So I’ve been doing a variety of roles to support them in their content creation conquest.

First up is the start of their YouTube career. The Callum and Mikey Show originated on a University student radio station back in 2012. They are also known for their work on Rugby Cracker Radio, a charity show at christmas that allows young people to present and produce radio content. During their latest annual show Christmas 2017 they created a spin off YouTube show called Callum and Mikey Xtra.

Dan holds a boom pole with a shotgun mic
Me holding a boom pole on the set of the upcoming Pilot

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Well this is fancy

Hello, for those who don’t know, my name is Dan. I’m a software developer at an Enterprise SMS provider. In my spare time I like to create my own infrastructure ( both physical and virtual in the Cloud ) and work on my own private web application projects. This website will be a gateway into my weekly activities where I will discuss the products that I’m working on.

Coming up shortly I will be writing a blog post about a new system that I’m working on which streamlines food caterers workflows by entering them into the digital space.

Stay tuned!